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International Landscape Architecture Student Camp 2019


The 19ILASCamp activity will be held in the Rammang-rammang Traditional Village, a Karst Area located in Salenrang Village, Bontoa District, Maros Regency, South Sulawesi Province. This village is located about 40 km to the north of Makassar City and can be reached using car or motor vehicles with ± 2 hours from Makassar City. In the vicinity of the Rammang-rammang karst, there are settlements consists of ± 70 families.























The word Rammang-rammang comes from the Makassar language which means fog, because this area is often foggy in the morning. This karst area is part of the Maros Pangkep karst area with an area of ± 42,000 ha which is known as one of the largest and most beautiful karst tower area in the world. This area is one of the three karst towers in the world, other two are in Guilin, China and Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Therefore, it is essential to suggest efforts to protect and preserve this region, so that the resistance to exploitation and destruction of this important value area will be stronger.

































Rammang-rammang village also has the potential to be developed as a recreational area, and natural and local cultural tourism with a number of tourist objects (Bidadari Lake, Archaeological Cave of the Palms, Sungai Pute (Pute River) and Berua Village, Stone Karst Hill). In addition, there are biodiversity, natural forest ecosystems and the beauty of natural landscape which is accessible by visitors. Some tourist attractions and recreational activities also available in the Rammang-rammang Karst area.


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