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International Landscape Architecture Student Camp 2019


September 11-13, 2019


Toraja is an area in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia, that has been famous for its name with the magnificent scenery and rich in famous cultural traditions to foreign countries. The topography, which is mostly relatively bumpy and hilly, is the main attraction of Toraja.


Toraja is also famous for its distinctively world-recognized coffee flavors. The Toraja name comes from the Bugis language, which is "to riaja" which means people who dwell in the land above. When Indonesia was ruled by the Dutch in 1909, the Dutch Colonial called this tribe the Toraja.


The indigenous culture that is still owned by this tribe attracts tourists because this tribe has its own characteristics which can be said to be quite rare and unique. The mystical nuance inherent in this tribe is a characteristic that distinguishes this tribe from others. This tribe is a tribe whose inhabitants live in the northern mountains of South Sulawesi Province. 


Toraja Trip will begin on September 11, 2019 night, traveling overland from Makassar City to Toraja. Participants will be invited to enjoy various tourist attractions in the Toraja region. For information on attractions to be visited, please click the following link 


See you in Toraja!










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